Goal Setting Made Simple

Lattice brings your individual, team, and company goals into one place so your team can stay aligned and accomplish more.

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    Make sure everyone keeps their top goals front and center so they can make progress on the things that matter most.


    View all your company's goals in a connected tree so you can see exactly how the most important work in your company flows together.


    Lattice maintains a regular cadence for checking in to goals and keeps your company up to date. We integrate with Slack and email to make it easy.

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    Meet Your Goals

    Lattice helps your team visualize how your company’s goals are connected, how they’re coming along, and who’s responsible for them.

    Increased Transparency

    Set goals collaboratively

    Work with your team to align your goals in a beautiful user interface.


    Check in weekly

    Take a few minutes once a week to check-in on your goals and keep your team up to date.

    Company Priorities

    Keep priorities top of mind

    Lattice clarifies and reinforces your company’s top goals to the whole team.

    Align Your Company

    When groups of people aim in the same direction, the results are powerful. Lattice gets everyone working together so you can accomplish more.

    Increased Transparency

    Visibility for your whole team

    Increased visibility gives everyone the context they need to make their best decisions.

    Track Company Pulse

    Track the pulse of your company

    Quickly see what’s going well and what’s at risk, so you know where to double down and where to shore up.

    Aim higher together

    Focus on Priorities

    Focus on your priorities

    Time and attention are precious resources. Make sure they’re aimed at your main objectives.

    Optimize what you Measure

    You optimize what you measure

    When you set and reinforce clear priorities, that’s what your team will focus on achieving.

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    Simplify goal setting, align your team and accomplish more

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